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MuleSoft Ambassadress and Meetup Leader for the Toronto, Online Spanish, and Women Who Mule groups. ProstDev Founder and Content Creator. Lead at Women Who Code Monterrey and Senior MuleSoft Developer at Bits In Glass.

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I'm a Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience in IT and I've been a MuleSoft Developer for 3+ years. I create content in ProstDev.com and I'm a Lead for Women Who Code Monterrey.

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I have over 8 years of experience in IT and over 3 years in MuleSoft. I’m a Senior MuleSoft Developer at Bits In Glass, in Toronto, Canada. I’m one of the 27 globally recognized MuleSoft Ambassadors and I lead three MuleSoft Meetup Groups (Toronto, Online Spanish, and Women Who Mule). In my free time, I create content in ProstDev and I also provide support as a Lead to Women Who Code Monterrey.

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Made in Mexico, Alexandra enjoys learning new technologies and is always looking for new challenges. She loves statistics because she’s bad at them, so they keep her alive (an eternal challenge). Her natural habitat, however, involves watching Netflix and playing video games.

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Alexandra discovered MuleSoft in 2017 while getting her first certification: Integration and API Associate. “I have a Java programming background so learning MuleSoft was a new experience; using flows, diagrams, and DataWeave was just so much easier.”

The following year, she attended her first MuleSoft CONNECT, and that’s when she became involved with the MuleSoft Community. Afterward, she started organizing Meetups for the Toronto Meetup Group and continued attending CONNECT events to meet more amazing people. Recently, Alexandra helped organize and now co-leads the global Online Spanish Meetup Group.

“Thanks to the projects I’ve worked on, such as creating complex APIs in the Airline and Finance industries, my area of expertise is DataWeave. I also became an expert by attending MuleSoft trainings, earning more certifications, and creating content for the Community.” Alexandra creates content based on what she learns, to help the Community expand their own knowledge. This includes writing blog posts, making video tutorials, and presenting at Meetups to share her MuleSoft knowledge. “As a MuleSoft Ambassadress, I believe that we have a responsibility to help others in our areas of expertise and make it easier for the next person to acquire this information.”